Other healing treatments

Salt chamber

7 €

The Salt Chamber is of help with common cold, asthma and rashes. The Salt Cahmber is especially effective after a cold of the respiratory tract or after contact of allergens with the respiratory tract or the skin. A person’s respiratory tract or diseased skin is under the effect of a dry salt aerosol in the Salt Chamber. A mist of regular table salt is directed into the closed chamber, which has a healing effect when it is breathed in. With the help of the salt the phlegm can be coughed out more easily, the breathlessness decreases or disappears. With skin problems the Salt Chamber provides relief because the salt destroys the bakteria on the skin. Duration 30 min.

Infrared sauna

7 €

Infrared sauna secret lies in a construction of special infrared emitters, which are located inside the sauna cabin so that they heat the intire human body. Emitted infrared waves heat the muscles and whole orgaism from the inside. This sauna gives the same feeling as the setting sun in a quiet evening. In the beginning of procedure blood starts to run faster through veins, after that the whole body start to perspire (temperature in the sauna is max 60 degrees). Poisons, heavy metals, salts, cholesterol and residual substances leave the body with sweat. During this procedure take place the whole body cleansing!

It is recommended to drink 2-3 glasses of water during this procedure. At the same time in infrared sauna there can be up to a 4 person. Duration 30 min