Bath treatments

Bath treatment with eucalyptus and menthol

20 € 

The procedure in the bath that improves the condition of your body and skin, thanks to extract of eucalyptus and menthol added to the water. The procedure activates blood circulation and restores your metabolism and makes your skin more receptive to nutrients. As a result - fresh skin and well-being. Duration 20 min

Relaxing bath treatment with Indian balm oil

20 € 

The procedure in the bath, during which there is a chance to relax, get good emotions and a nice, smooth and supple skin. Indian balm oli is added to the bath gives you complete relaxation, restores your metabolism and improves mood. Duration 20 min

THALGO Thalasso bath treatment22 €

This bath combines pure marine salt and is rich in micronized algae. It boosts the body’s functions, mineralizes, relieves
fluid retention and firms the body whilst you relax.

Duration 20 min

Bath treatment for two

Relaxing bath treatment with massage for two

58 €

This is a luxurious spa and massage treatment that feels almost like being showered by a rain of flowers. The treatment begins with relaxing lavender bath (30 minutes), followed by soothing upper body massage. At the end of this treatment you will receive a sophisticated make up from spring and summer time or autumn and winter time palettes. Duration 50 min