Visitors reminder

We recommend you to read or rules, so you can enjoy your vacation and not disturb other people.

  • Please be polite and considerate to other visitors, and especially to children;

  • Remember, you are entirely responsible for yourself, your family and your children. Children under 14 years old can visit water park and baths only with an adult;

  • Please let us know about their experiences and suggestions. We always aim to offer our guests a complete and safe leisure;

  • Please do not leave keys and other things of value in public places. Meresuu Spa & Hotel is not responsible for lost things;

  • If you lose the wristband, you have to pay a 30 € fine.

  • Every 15 minutes extra a chargable with 1,80  €.

By purchasing a ticket you are confirming your agreement to all the rules and agree to comply with them.



  • Take a shower before entering the pool;
  • We recommend that you disinfect your feet with special spray provided;
  • We recommend to wear a hat, if you have long hair;
  • Vacation in Meresuu Spa & Hotel is always a pleasure and enjoyment, so jumping into the water is prohibited.;
  • We recommend that you do not run in the water center. In Meresuu Spa & Hotel is important to enjoy every single moment;
  • In the swimming pool swimming on the right side is preferred;
  • Use tower to seat in dry saunas;
  • In the Russian bath use special cord to water the stones. After the first watering take a little time for stones to get dry again;
  • Take a shower after visiting a sauna;
  • Bringing food and drinks to centre is forbidden;
  • Please return towel and swimming accessories to administrator after visiting the center.


Meresuu Spa & Hotel wishes you and your family a pleasant holiday!