Good custom rules

To make your workout pleasant, effective and safe for you and nearby people please get acquainted with our rules:

Please be polite and attentive to other visitors
Your good mood for training will give you a good result and will make nearby people glad
Everybody who wishes may be in training. Children under 14 y.o. are allowed in the Gym only with adult
Please ask a Gym instructor how to correctly use Gym equipment
Gym instructor will always help you. You can get acquainted with  schedule at SPA reception, main reception, and on our webpage.
You have to wear sport clothes and sport shoes to attend gym and group trainings
Please use Gym equipment according to its intended purpose. You can find manual on each piece of equipment.
Please put training equipment back to its place in the end of your workout
Please pay attention to safety when using dumbbells. Do not throw them on the floor
We advise you to use a towel  for the purpose of hygiene in the gym and on group trainings
Please do not use strong perfume before workout
Buying a ticket for attendance of gym and group trainings, you agree with the rules mentioned above and oblige to follow them.

 The entrance to the  gym and group trainings of Meresuu SPA & Hotel is forbidden for those:
 who are in alcoholic intoxication
 who does not respect nearby guests
 who do not follow the rules of Meresuu SPA & Hotel

Enjoy your workout !